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Programs for Families

Mississauga Parent-Child Resource Centres recognizes that the earliest years of life are the most important for a child's development.

Our centres provide free programs and services for parents/caregivers and their children up to the age of six. We offer informal drop-in play times and structured programs that foster social interactions and educational activities that help children reach their full potential. Both children and adults take part in the programs together.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff can speak to you about age-appropriate options for your children and program availability. Parent/Caregiver workshops and resources are also available. Click here or consult centre staff for more details.

Programmes en français!

Saviez-vous que nous offrons des programmes en français? Vous pouvez assister à un programme unilingue visant les francophones (Heure de famille en français). Veuillez consulter l'horaire du centre Brittany Glen (le samedi matin) pour plus d'information.

Accessibility at MPCRC

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Mississauga Parent Child Resource Centres is a non-profit charitable agency.

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Peel Children's Charter of Rights

MPCRC is proud to champion the Peel Children's Charter of Rights. We encourage everyone to become familiar with the charter, which lists twelve rights that apply to every child.

Our centres will be showcasing a different right every month. For November, it is "The Right to Equal Access - Every child has the right to have special care and training because it doesn't matter what skin colour or race or if they have any sickness or disability."

For December, it is "The Right to Play - Every child has the right to play and have fun. To have dancing flowers and magic mud." For more information on how the Charter was created, visit the Success by 6 Peel website.